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About the Chronicle

The MMA Chronicle is an amateur MMA news and analysis website run by Justin Wingard.  The Chronicle doesn't exist to make money.  In fact it loses money.  It's entirely a passion project that's been built out of love for the sport.

Work on this site started in September of 2018. It is absolutely a work in progress. You’ll probably find typos, error, and things that are just plain bad. If you want to let us know about something just send an email to Thanks for your feedback!

About Justin

Justin became a hardcore MMA fan in 2001 when he stepped into his first Jiu-Jitsu gym in Austin, Texas.  He trained in the sport for roughly a year and a half before constant injuries forced him to move to lower impact workouts.  Since 2001 he hasn't missed a single UFC fight card, and remains active in various MMA communities online. 

Being an older fight fan he still holds nostalgia for the glory days of PrideFC and K-1.  His favorite fighters include Mark Hunt, Fedor Emelianenko, Igor Vovchanchyn, and Anderson Silva.